Dinner: Bacon and Pea Spaghetti with Fried Egg

Hello All. So today I spent the day perusing the internet for dishes I would be able to cook for dinner over the next week. I stumbled across a website, Food52, which had some really delicious and easy to cook recipes. Looking for inspiration, I came across a delicious pasta recipe that tweaked my interest. I borrowed the recipe and then added in my own ingredients to make it awesome.

I’ve always been a lover of pasta and tonight I thought I would attempt to make it without an overpowering sauce, by focussing on using the yolk and olive oil to compliment the pasta. In my attempt to keep it simple, all I added was the following:

  • Short Cut Bacon
  • Peas
  • Rosemary

I then paired it with some steamed brocollini and asparagus which I fried in the pan along with the bacon, garlic and rosemary before I added the pasta. I did the same thing with the home made garlic bread.

ImageOne thing I dislike about some garlic breads is that they are incredibly overpowering with their garlic flavour. So tonight I decided to pan fry my garlic bread at the same stage as the brocollini so that it would have time for the flavours to infuse without becoming overpowering. This also added some bacon flavour and kept the bread soft.


This pasta was really simple to make, delicious and I would definitely suggest it to anyone who’s looking for a quick and healthy dinner solution!



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