Dinner: Homemade Burger with Crispy Asparagus Mix


Dinner tonight. I have once again looked to Food52 for inspiration and found a couple of recipes I thought I could combine into a delicious meal. I chose to make a nontraditional burger, at least for Australian standards, borrowing from traditional American ‘sweet savoury’ – maple (sweet) and bacon (savoury). I have started to make my own food from scratch to keep it healthy.Image

I chose a premium mince, but one that still contained a good quantity of fat to add moisture and help to hold the burger together. To this, different to the original recipe, I added honey rather than maple syrup; it was available in my pantry! I also threw in some rosemary, lemon zest, garlic and seasoned well with salt and pepper. Upon cooking, the burger was well cooked yet was slightly dry. Atop the patty, sat some panfried granny smith apple (which added texture and sweetness), rasher bacon and a slice of swiss cheese. All of this sandwiched between a turkish bread roll. Yum. Other than the patty being slightly dry, the burger was tasty, different and with the added crunch of the crispy bacon and apple, had a great texture.


As a bit of a side dish to compliment the burger, I also made a crispy bacon and onion asparagus mix. This was also another borrowed recipe from food52, with once again, another change of ingredients to suit what I had at home. I kept the main elements of the recipe the same, except used onion instead of leek and also added in some rosemary. I may have potentially, slash did, roast the bacon, onion and the rest to the point of oblivion, however, I do love them crunchy! It was a pretty awesome compliment to the burger and the crunchy texture also paired well with the crunchiness of the burger and the softness of the turkish bread. I will definitely cook this again, however, next time I might not cook the bacon and onion so aggressively to leave it soft and be more of a juxtaposition to the crunchy asparagus.



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